Thursday, July 2, 2009


Book Title: CREATIVITY FOR LEADERS: How to become a creative thinker
Author: Garry fellers

Appealing to business people as well as poets, creativity for leaders shows you how to:
* Incubate lifelong, fragmented learning into creative ideas
* Be a natural leader other flock to
* Reconcile your personal life and job
* Deal with a supervisor who won’t let your innovativeness flourish
* Achieve a calming state anytime.
* More away form a creativity destroying, judgmental past or fears of the future.
* Fuse spirituality into everyday life
*Break the ‘shackles’ of other’s desire
Make more money having fun!
Infact, creativity for leaders is the answer to that lost sense of purpose in our work. Dr. Feller’s book is for all who would like to be a source of energy, for themselves and others.
This great book focus on several parallel activities such as affective time management, the creativity basics, and stress reduction, Fellers promises a lasting impact on your life and business just follow the instruction in this down-to-earth, how- to great book. Since Dr. fellers approach to creative thinking can be applied to more then just a business, use it to avoid anxiety at work, to market new product to design a machine, or even catch a fish!
The enrichment necessary for you to become more creative will spill over into all the areas of your old life and make it new. CREATIVITY FOR LEADER: How to become a creative thinker is a sure fire book for MD/CEOS of companies and corporation and leaders whose business is to direct and manage men unlock your potentials through creativity!


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