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Author: Bill Gates

Reviewer: Daramola Olu peters

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As the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation, the worlds leading provider of software for personal computers, Bill gates played a prominent role in launching the information age. Now this modern visionary reveals how expanding technology is propelling the business world into an exiting new economic era. How every manager can and must stay ahead of the curve and how integrated information systems can help every organization achieve business @ the speed of thought.

Chances are your company has a sizeable investment in technology and in realizing only 20% of its potential benefits. As Gates explains, you are probably viewing hardware and software as a way to solve specific problems. But like a living organism, an organization functions best if it can rely on its nervous system that will instantaneously deliver information to the parts that needs it. In a clear non-equivocal language, Business at the speed of thought shows you how digital nervous system can unite all systems and processes under a common infrastructure, thereby releasing rivers of information and allowing your company to make quantum leaps in efficiency, growth and profits.

With eye-opening detailed tours into Microsoft and other major corporations, Gates unveils the way digital nervous system- from simplest to the most sophisticated are revolutionizing the very nature of business. In this great book, you will learn how integrated technology can instantly access scattered information to analyze patterns and trends; decrease cycle time and get new products out before competition delivers up-to-time sales and inventory statistics on every one of your product ant where in the world, help customers solve their own problems and using intelligent software automatically feed complains to designers and line workers and much more. “I have a simple but strong belief” write Gates. “How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose”. As a matter of fact Business @ the speed of thought gives you the information you need to win in today’s information technology driven world. This great book encapsulate the vision and commitment of Bill gates regarding personal computing which have been central to the success of Microsoft which any company can copy and duplicate successfully.



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