Tuesday, June 23, 2009



Author: Dr. Napoleon Hill

Reviewer: Daramola olu peters

Tel: +23480665632

What is it that make one man march forward all his life accomplishing, Earning, Multiplying his wealth and his happiness while another man never get started?

What is it that gave a man great personal power but leaves another ineffectual? What makes one man able to see his way through any problem, find his path over all rough obstacle of life to fulfillment of his dearest dreams- while others struggle, fails and end nowhere?

Napoleon Hills think and grow rich- practical guide for achievement and personal fulfillment is an important book vital to anyone who wants to live a life in tune with the success principles that govern the entire universe. When you know these principles, what they are, what they mean to your life and how to put them into action, you will find that success and his bye product which is good health, happiness, wealth and satisfying relationships will be yours as if by magic!

You will never again fall prey to negative a influence that dampens enthusiasm, eliminate love and prohibit you from experiencing the riches and fulfilme4nt that can easily be yours. Think and grow rich since its publication has become a landmark Best seller. It initiated the self development movement in the United States. The exploration of the success principles that guided the greatest achievers of his time- Andrew Carnegie, F.W Woolworth, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison and many others. This great book reveals the secret of an unimaginable achievement and also gives the plan. Here is a great book that shows the way to overcome all obstacles, achieve any ambition, and bring success as though provided from ever flowing river. This great book is about to shake you with its life transforming powerful content. Soon you will know why certain people acquire great stores of money and happiness- because you will be one of such people! As a matter of fact, the eternal wealth principle in this great book is enough to transform everything that concerns you permanently.



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