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Authors: Robert G. Allen & Mark victor Hansen

Reviewer: Daramola olu peters

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Why do some people struggle financially while others seem destined for more prosperous lives? What if you could enjoy a more abundant lifestyle without sacrificing any thing you now hold dear? Your values, your health, your spirituality, your freedom, your friends and family? Take it from these two authors who knows first hand: YOU CAN!

Mark Victor Hansen is the co-author of the phenomenally successful chicken soup for the soul series and Robert G. Allen is the author of the blockbuster paradigm shifting best seller NOTHING IN REAL ESTATE. But it wasn’t always that way. Neither author is a stranger to failure. Both have lost everything more than once but independently of each other and over time, these two men came up with principles for helping both themselves and others. They began conducting their business lives along enlightened lines and since then their joy and wealth have grown exponentially.

Now, with this great book, Hansen and Allen have teamed up to provide you with their time tested tenets for unlocking the secrets of creating enlightened wealth. The keys according to these two great wealth creators lie in four wealth codes.

*Destiny code
*The prism code
*The angel code
*The star code

Along the way, you will read stories of people just like you who have discovered the extraordinary lives they were meant to live and stepped into them. In this great book, you will also learn how to turn your unknown assets into billions! How to create enlightened wealth statement, how to unleash the power of hundred folding (100%+!) on your business, how to follow the 101 day plan to your first million and use residual philanthropy to pave your way to even greater wealth. The beauty of it all is that the first tumbler to click into place is found inside you. It’s based on doing what comes naturally Once you determine what you love to do and the pages in this great book have dozens of tips on how to do it right and effectively. According to this great authors, “ you enlighten your journey with the fire of your true passion and this is going to take determination and hard work but once you’ve cracked the millionaire code, all your efforts will seem right in a way that it never did before”, so says Allen and Hansen.



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